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Quick and healthy lunch recipes

Sometimes our mind is completely blank when it comes to sorting lunch or dinner out. No matter how many ingredients you have to choose from you just can’t think about a single dish that you can create. I think every couple has had the «What would you like for dinner, babe» conversation which has led to mental break downs and a never ending discussion at the grocery store.

Don’t worry, honey. I’ve got you sorted.

Here are two kick ass recipes for a healthy, quick and delicious lunch:

Healthy tacos in a red cabbage shell:

tacos coriander

This recipe is like any other tacos, but rather than using horrific mass-produced taco shells that have potentially cancer causing chemicals you are using red cabbage. It is fresh, crunchy and delicious! Plus it’s full of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron and Magnesium. That sound definitely way better than chewing on Acrylamide.

Since I am crazy about guacamole at the moment and was running out of time, I just topped my red cabbage taco shell with some guacamole and a sprinkle of coriander. So simple, but yet so good. If you are wondering how I make the world’s best guac, the recipe is simple:

Mari’s funky chunky Guacamole Recipe:

  • 2-3 Avocados (depending on size. Three if they are small)
  • 1 Big tomato
  • 2 Garlic cloves
  • 1 Red onion
  • Dried red chilli flakes (or fresh chilli if you don’t have the dried chilli)
  • Salt & pepper
  • A squeeze of lime (or a lemon. Same same really. Whatever you have available)
  • Fresh coriander to put on top

Chop all the ingredients into small pieces and mix them together, however no need to use a blender. Guacamole is best when it’s a bit chunky.


Thyme fried egg with buttered mushrooms, fried tomatoes and crunchy spinach:

lunch with iris

This is definitely another on the go recipe that I’m quite addicted to these day. A bit inspired by the cooking show «My Kitchen Rules» as I picked up that butter, thyme and mushrooms are a match made in heaven. I’ve never tried this before, but holy cheeseball it is really a match made in heaven.

I usually start with melting the butter with the thyme in a pan while chopping the mushroom. I then place the mushrooms with the melted butter and let it go soft. It takes around 5-6 minutes.

When the mushroom is soft I pour it in a bowl for later. In the same pan which is now empty I will fry an egg with tomatoes on the side. By using the same pan you get the aroma and taste from the mushrooms and thyme in the egg.

When the egg and tomatoes are fried you are done. Put the ingredients together. I usually have spinach at the bottom of my plate, then the mushrooms and then the egg with a bit of parmesan cheese on top. But hey, feel free to change things up!


Bon Apetit!</p

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Mitt navn er Mari. Jeg er ei utadvent og reiseglad trønderjente som bor i Australia, nærmere bestemt Perth, med min fantastiske samboer. Her tar jeg en bachelor i ledelse og psykologi, mens jeg på fritiden gjør det jeg elsker mest av alt; å reise, lage mat, danse og å drive med håndarbeid. Når jeg er på mitt lykkeligste er det enten på nye eventyr, på kjøkkenet eller å drive med noe kreativt. Om det er å tegne, fotografere, male eller strikke har ikke så mye å si, så lenge det er noe jeg skaper. På denne bloggen ønsker jeg å dele mine reisetips med dere (som har blitt en del i løpet av årene), matoppskrifter, DIY-ideer og hverdagen min generelt. Jeg håper jeg kan inspirere og engasjere, slik jeg selv blir inspirert og engasjer av dyktige bloggere. Ha en god lesning! :-)


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