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An update from Down Under!

Young Henry's in Newtown

So how am I enjoying Sydney so far?

I think Sydney is great! Heaps to do, awesome network possibilities and the weather is pretty good. The weather is definitely more moody than what I’m used to in Perth, but still warmer than Norway!

Another perk with not living in the world’s most isolated city anymore is that I actually get visits from Scandinavian friends as everyone is stopping in at Sydney when they are travelling to Australia.

Norwegian Backpackers in Sydney

A month ago I got a visit from these two lovely backpackers travelling all the way from Melhus through Asia to Australia.

taco tuesday nsw

We had an awesome tacos night despite the lack of furnitures.

taco tuesdays

Tacos with homemade tortilla wraps are my favourites!

wattamolla Royal

Doing a threesome on the paddleboard at Wottamolla in the beautiful Royal National Park.

Sydney is packed with hip restaurants, cool cafeterias, boutique bars and micro breweries.

For those who have the time and the money the list of things to do is endless.

Grounds of Alexandria Sydney

Grounds of Alexandria: Eating here is an absolutely must when in Sydney.

Batch Nano Brewery Sydney

Beer Tasting at Batch Brewing Company in Marrickville.

Am I going to live here for the rest of my life?


Too much people, traffic, pollution and road rage.Their speeding and merging reminds me of the movie Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift. Being a Scandinavian, I don’t think you understand how angry ‘Sydneysiders’ are in traffic until you actually get here. They are beeping, swearing and actually destroying each others cars. Here the other week a man got out of his ute starting smashing the front window of the car behind him with a shovel when they stopped at a red traffic light because he reckoned the guy behind him was getting too close. That is next level road rage for sure. They need to do some woosah.


Me on the other hand, I prefer public transport.

Good for the environment, good for me.

And if I am going for a drive,

I am driving in the opposite direction of everyone else.

I am driving away from the city going south. It’s a bit weird, but I had never heard about the amazing national parks surrounding Sydney until I moved here. And trust me when I say this: they are beautiful! Sydney is usually associated with the harbour and the Opera House, and that of valid reasons, but if you ever are visiting Sydney for some time I do recommend expanding your horizons and going for a drive outside of the core.

There is so much to be explored!

Wattamolla Royal National Park

Paddleboarding in Wattamolla

When I think about it, a blog post about the Southern Highlands Region should be made. With its wineries, breathtaking nature and country vibes it is definitely worth some screen time.

Southern Highlands region NSW

The stunning garden at the Red Cow Farm.

Royal National Park

Beautiful nature and wildlife in Royal National Park

Stanwell Park Cafeterias and Shops

Stanwell Park has cute cafeterias and lovely shops selling unique items with a hippie theme.

Royal National Park Water

Can’t complain about this view!

Wattamolla Beach NSW

This never gets old. Wattamolla Beach is just an hour drive from Sydney CBD.

Kayaking in royal national park

You can bring your own kayak or hire one for the day at the Audley Boatshed.

That’s it for now.

Just wanted you to know that I am happy and alive 🙂 Cheerio!

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Mitt navn er Mari. Jeg er ei utadvent og reiseglad trønderjente som bor i Australia, nærmere bestemt Perth, med min fantastiske samboer. Her tar jeg en bachelor i ledelse og psykologi, mens jeg på fritiden gjør det jeg elsker mest av alt; å reise, lage mat, danse og å drive med håndarbeid. Når jeg er på mitt lykkeligste er det enten på nye eventyr, på kjøkkenet eller å drive med noe kreativt. Om det er å tegne, fotografere, male eller strikke har ikke så mye å si, så lenge det er noe jeg skaper. På denne bloggen ønsker jeg å dele mine reisetips med dere (som har blitt en del i løpet av årene), matoppskrifter, DIY-ideer og hverdagen min generelt. Jeg håper jeg kan inspirere og engasjere, slik jeg selv blir inspirert og engasjer av dyktige bloggere. Ha en god lesning! :-)

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  1. Love hearing about your Sydney experience! Very interesting to hear another perspective to what everyone else is always talking about.

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