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Things to do in Bunbury: Maker + Co

I went for a stroll in the streets of Bunbury whilst my boyfriend was in a meeting today and I came across the most amazing place: a creative space! I’m definitely not unfamiliar with the creative space concept, especially not after living in Canggu, Bali for a while, however I didn’t expect to stumble across one here in good old Bunno. No offence, people of Bunbury!

So for those who are not familiar with the creative space concept it’s a co-space for creative individuals, often living a laptop lifestyle, where one can lease short term office space, work, learn, create and share knowledge. One can have art galleries in there, a pop up shop or just hire an office space. It’s an awesome concept for multiple reasons:

  1. Lease is shared between several individuals = decrease the cost of operational and administrational activities. For those of us who have been in a start-up ourselves know the value of this!
  2. Creativity and inspiration overload! By having so many creative and talented individuals in one place you constantly get inspired and motivated. Just by having a random chat with your next-door office neighbour you are most likely to feel empowered and energised. There’s something about being surrounded by like-minded people that creates a synergy effect.
  3. It’s social and it’s fun. Having lived a laptop lifestyle myself I do love being able to have an office day at home in my pyjamas, however I prefer having a desk and a cup of coffee in my hand. I feel like I get more organised and effective when I’m in a ‘proper’ office. Having that said I don’t like being a caged animal by myself in a closed brick. Creative spaces are the opposite of this, which makes it so social and fun to ‘go to work’.

Needless to say I was pretty stoked when I found that place. Who would have known Bunbury is this cool? For those of you who are keen to learn more you can check out their website HERE. Or have a look yourself 75 B Victoria Street, Bunbury WA. And whilst you’re already in the area I would recommend to have a coffee at wonderful Cafe 140 as well.

Maker+co entry

This is the sign that caught my attention. «Creative spaces»? YES PLEASE! It was a cool entrance and I loved the industrial feel of the place. Creative, artistic and rough around the edges. My favourite combination!

Maker+Co steps


They had several cool clothing brands, accessories and interior items. A section of the space was also dedicated as a photo studio which I’ll definitely have in mind for our upcoming clothing brand. One of my favourites items at Maker+Co were the shoes:

shoes craftmanship

creative space in Binbury

«Hey you! Watch your step».

Creative space in Bunbury WA


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Mitt navn er Mari. Jeg er ei utadvent og reiseglad trønderjente som bor i Australia, nærmere bestemt Perth, med min fantastiske samboer. Her tar jeg en bachelor i ledelse og psykologi, mens jeg på fritiden gjør det jeg elsker mest av alt; å reise, lage mat, danse og å drive med håndarbeid. Når jeg er på mitt lykkeligste er det enten på nye eventyr, på kjøkkenet eller å drive med noe kreativt. Om det er å tegne, fotografere, male eller strikke har ikke så mye å si, så lenge det er noe jeg skaper. På denne bloggen ønsker jeg å dele mine reisetips med dere (som har blitt en del i løpet av årene), matoppskrifter, DIY-ideer og hverdagen min generelt. Jeg håper jeg kan inspirere og engasjere, slik jeg selv blir inspirert og engasjer av dyktige bloggere. Ha en god lesning! :-)

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