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So I came across this article in a pop magazine online, that made me wonder, they said they loved how Kylie Jenner transformed into a curvy woman. Transformed. She is not transforming into a curvy woman. She is buying her curves. That’s different. No, this is not a self-pity and jealous response. This is what I would like to tell all young girls that are looking themselves in the mirror wondering when a set of double D’s and plumpy lips will come around. It’s not just celebrities that are turning to the hospital to «transform» their well functioning bodies, also bloggers are doing the same. Contributing to creating a fake reality and an expectation on how young girls think they should look after a certain age. Just in little Norway, it’s actually hard to find a “top blogger” without a fake pair of tits. Or lips for that sake. Just. Proving. My. Point.

lips enhancement

Misunderstand me right; I myself went so close to doing the same in 2011 that I’ve already paid the bond to get myself a pair of shiny new boobies. Like, who doesn’t want big boobs? Especially those who never goes flat even when you lie on your back, and those who are so big they are just staring out in the air like the Terminator with steel nipples that could probably break a glass. Tits that one could show off on Instagram and stuff. Get followers and become the 2015’s new job title: “Promotional model”. Bikinis do look better on fake boobs, end of story. It’s just that I paid that bond in February and the surgery was scheduled for July, and in the meantime I’ve been working as a volunteer in Africa with babies with HIV and homeless people. To put it like this: it’s not very easy doing such a superficial thing as buying a pair of new tits for $5200 (kr30,000 nok) when people are dying of starvation and can’t go to primary school because it costs $5 a year, and they don’t have that. I cancelled my surgery two days after I came home.

instagram babes

Picture is taken from here.

So now I’m strutting around with my small boobs and get a bit upset when articles tell young people that “this is how you will look like when you turn 18”. No. You will not look like that when you turn 18. Not even when you turn 25. Or 30 for that sake. Certain looks can only be bought, and I wish that was something the magazines could tell young girls wondering why they look so different whilst all they really are is normal. I’ve always wanted melons, but I got stuck with cherry tomatoes. Which is okay as well. I enjoy both melons and cherry tomatoes. They’re sweet and juicy. We need to practice a bit of acceptance on this planet, and learn to live with what we’ve got. There’s so much more to life than looks. Like laughing, traveling, falling in love, learning new skills, trying something for the first time, spend time with loved ones, cooking, reading, creating things, yeah you get the idea. In the end you don’t need bigger boobs. You need to read more books. Yes, I found that quote on Instagram. Love quotes on Instagram.

There’s more articles about the topic here. And here. And by saving the best to last: «Why fake breasts won’t bounce back» written in GQ by Tony Parsons is also a very good read. Oh, what a great title!


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Mitt navn er Mari. Jeg er ei utadvent og reiseglad trønderjente som bor i Australia, nærmere bestemt Perth, med min fantastiske samboer. Her tar jeg en bachelor i ledelse og psykologi, mens jeg på fritiden gjør det jeg elsker mest av alt; å reise, lage mat, danse og å drive med håndarbeid. Når jeg er på mitt lykkeligste er det enten på nye eventyr, på kjøkkenet eller å drive med noe kreativt. Om det er å tegne, fotografere, male eller strikke har ikke så mye å si, så lenge det er noe jeg skaper. På denne bloggen ønsker jeg å dele mine reisetips med dere (som har blitt en del i løpet av årene), matoppskrifter, DIY-ideer og hverdagen min generelt. Jeg håper jeg kan inspirere og engasjere, slik jeg selv blir inspirert og engasjer av dyktige bloggere. Ha en god lesning! :-)


  1. Marianne says

    Hei Mari! Æ syns mindre puppa e minst like fint, ofte finer. Og håpe du har det bra t tross for kvartlivskrisa. Hell du fortsatt på med barre-trening? Herlig med liten grønnsakshage også 😀 Har bynt å drøm om å flytt og få mæ høne og gulrøtter æ.. Håpe alt e bra med dæ, du e så fantastisk fin ❤ Stor klem!

    • Åh, Marianne mi, æ savne dæ og det smittende smilet ditt så gæli! Takk for koselig kommentar, kjære du ❤ Æ vil også ha høns og gulrøtter. Kjæm på besøk og får hønetips av dæ neste gang æ e hjem.

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